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We take great pride in the quality of our products and support them with excellent customer service.  We provide you with easy access to a wide range of end mills and router bits for your business.  Buying is easy and so is our fast and secure shipping.  All costs are clearly laid out for you so you know exactly what you're getting.  Our end mill products come in several shapes and sizes and the same with our router bits.  And the great part?  Buy only what you need!  We don't make you buy a minimum order just to get a savings.  See why our clients come back again and again.

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World Class Technology

Our commitment to supplying you with quality endmills means having our products made on the latest in World class CNC production grinding equipment for manufacturing.

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Concentricity & Cooling

Robust hydraulic holders that maintain .0002" tool run-out, using proper coolants to stabilized temperatures during manufacturing and high performance diamond grinding wheels are just some of the important ingredients when producing quality carbide cutting tools.

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Quality Control

Tool inspection is a critical step in the process to ensure the standard of quality our customers have come to expect is maintained.

Premium Products

Our Loyal Customers

Having served the industry for many years now, we truly appreciate and are thankful for you, our loyal customers!

I appreciate the quality of products and the quick response every time I place my orders with Specialized Tool Solutions. STS is the tool provider we know we can depend on for our solid carbide endmill purchases. They provide the best level of service and support, and I really appreciate their help with my business.– Jim Gray owner of Pattern Ninja LLC

I'd like to thank Specialized tool Solutions for providing a quality product at an affordable price. We have found the cutters purchased from STS to exceed our expectations when compared to many of the most highly regarded carbide tooling suppliers and would recommend them to anyone, (except our direct competitors, who should continue to use their existing suppliers).

Gerry Addley
Addley Precision Inc.

By the way this thing is crazy good. It takes .4 inch depth of cut full width at 10000rpm and 150 inch per minute in 7075 aluminum and you can hardly hear it cut! Thank you!– Ron S - California (talking about our aluminum series roughing endmill)